I’m a Different Person!


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It’s been three months since we went out on the bikes. Getting old, and being retired, means you can choose your biking days, and we’ve kind of joined the league of fair weather bikers. It’s not only cold/wet weather that’s off-putting but the state the track to our house gets into – populated with pot-holes and slick with mud. Not Ducati friendly.

So I’ve been glued to the PC this winter, writing away happily; published another e-book, called The Stowaways, created an Author blog and prepared my first book for publishing in paperback! Exciting stuff. But the sun is out and the bike (Denzo) has been calling, and today the writer became the biker.

There is nothing like it. Fuel-injected Ducati = adrenalin injected Jude! On the bike I transform into something else, something a bit wild!

Dry winding Dordogne roads, hardly any traffic, the growl of the 992 cc’s. Breeze through your helmet, freedom, speed, living every second. I’m sure biking is a form of meditation!

But as you can see I’m now back at my desk, writing a blog post – until Denzo calls from the garage again.



Sad For the Trees


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I was shocked this week after we got back from a holiday and went into the village. The lovely old square in front of the Marie had become a building site, filled with rubble and machines where once had stood approximately twenty-four wonderful plane trees. I could have cried. Every year the Mairie had them carefully pollarded and every year they produced their beautiful big green leaves which shaded us from the hot summers. In the autumn they were a mass of colour, so lovely that I took some photos just last autumn. A good thing I did.

There is a plan on the wall near the Mairie showing how the square is to be re-designed. All very nice. But why? I suppose they think it’s progress. I just keep wondering how anyone could rip out all those beautiful trees.

As it was

Last Autumn

A Mass of Colour

No matter how nice they make it I’ll never forget the trees. It seems such a bloody waste to destroy something that was so beautiful just to make things different.

Funnily enough my friend Lisa over at Zeebra Designs has just put up two posts:

‘In Celebration of Trees’  and   ‘Bringing a Quotation to Life’ Really worth a visit to Lisa’s site.

High Flying Memories


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I was looking for a particular photo yesterday and as I trawled through my library of flying pics it was lovely looking back at some of the jaunts we went on. We haven’t flown for quite a while due to the motorcycling having taken over but will hopefully do more soon. These are a few pics I really liked.

I’m always amazed by the patchwork quilt effect from above! France has lots of farmland.

An amazing chateau down below on this trip, apparently with a heli-pad and a huge garage. We wondered if the ‘stable’ housed horses or Ferraris! The lake was very brown from above, I’m not sure why.

My hubby, Bob, points something out to me. He’s probably saying ‘There’s the airstrip’ which I probably couldn’t spot! The GPS is giving us a reading of 4810 feet, so it may have been a bit chilly even though it was July. Having said that I notice Bob is wearing his sandals! I keep warmer because I’m sitting directly behind him.

Brain Drain and Away for a While


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Hello to all my lovely fellow bloggers, and apologies for not keeping up with your posts recently. I have been on a mission to publish my e-books as paperbacks and so have entered the world of self-publishing, attempting to get my head around words and terms that I’ve never heard of. It’s sometimes hard work trying to learn everything from the internet, and from forums. But I’m not one to give up and my rather aged brain has been put to the test and forced down paths that it’s never been down before. I’m getting there! Slowly! But now I have to have a break and go and visit my much loved brother who has recently had a stroke, so blogging is yet again on hold. In the words of Arnie … I’ll be back!

The photo below is how I imagine my brain to look after days and days of research, as I went around in ever decreasing circles, sometimes lost, sometimes baffled, and sometimes ecstatic when at last I understood a problem. I’m not sure which the ecstatic bit is! 🙂