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Hello Again!

Hello again, I can’t believe that my last post on here, and on my other blogs, was approximately one year ago. I had intended to take a break from blogging for a couple of months in order to work on the sequel to The Sleighriders, but somehow I haven’t got an awful lot done, and on top of that I never restarted any blogging again.

A number of things happened this year mostly due to birthdays. It was my 70th, my hubby’s 60th, and my son’s 40th. Mine was in February and I have to say was probably the best birthday I ever had, starting with a brand new motorbike, a stealth black Ducati Monster 821. I rode it back from the dealer on my birthday, in the rain, but that didn’t dampen my spirits one bit. It really is a fabulous bike; light, manoeuvrable, fast, and has that wonderful Ducati sound that only bikers recognise. I reckon it will keep me young!

In March my lovely son treated me to the most memorable holiday of my life on the Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland, an incredible week staying in a beautiful old hunting lodge on the side of a loch. Michelin star meals! We toured around Skye which is utterly beautiful with its Cuillin Mountains and rugged coastline.


In May I flew to Calgary for two weeks and visited my wonderful Irish friend, Joan, who I’ve known for fifty years, and then on to Kaslo in British Columbia to visit my other equally wonderful friend Joyce who I met in Calgary in 1971. Wonderful times just spending time together, drinking coffee and catching up.

The summer drifted by here in France with a lot of biking, visitors, relaxing and doing everyday things. And I never wrote a darned thing, nor did I do any photography. Now a year has slipped by and it’s nearly Christmas again and I’ve done no promotion of my books, something I find really hard, but should of course have at least been trying to get The Sleighriders out there since it’s a Christmas story. Must do better. Anyway at least I’ve now written a post, and I want to try and continue with some regular blogging from now on.

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to all of my lovely followers, have a marvellous 2019. And if you fancy an excellent Christmas tale The Sleighriders’ is on sale on Amazon on Kindle and in paperback.


Merry Christmas to All



I’m on a long blogging break at the moment working on the sequel to The Sleighriders, but I had to stop and at least wish all my lovely blogging friends Happy Holidays and a healthy and fortune filled 2018. Have a wonderful time!

‘The Sleighriders’ Just Out in Paperback for Christmas!


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I’m on a winter break at the moment working on the sequel to my fantasy Christmas novel, The Sleighriders. But I also recently prepared The Sleighriders for self-publishing in paperback and was so excited to get my proof copy arrive a few days ago, – just ready for going live for Christmas. So I’m shamelessly posting in hopes that some of you somewhere may have a son or daughter, niece or nephew, who may like a book for Christmas! It’s a full length fantasy novel, 442 pages, full of elves, trolls, magic, strange creatures, and adventure.

So here it is and thanks so much for having a look. If you should decide you may like a copy then you can find it here on Amazon. It’s also available as an eBook.

Extended Blogging Break – Until the Spring!


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It’s funny how a break from routine makes a person think, often about that very subject – their routines and and day to day life. My recent trip to England was suddenly able to give me a detached view of things, in particular how blogging has gradually overtaken my life and left a lot less room for other things. I have often tended to follow new blogs in a rush of enthusiasm and consequently have more incoming new posts than I can cope with, along with making comments and replying to comments to my regular bloggers. And the fact that I have five blogs to create posts for really doesn’t help!

The thing is I want to write the sequel to my fantasy novel The Sleighriders. I have a skeleton story and about eleven and a half thousand words written already from a couple of years ago and now I’m dying to get stuck in and finish it, but I know I can’t keep up with blogging and concentrate on the book. And so I’m going to take the winter off, starting today, and return to my new novel. I can’t wait to get started!

A huge thank you to you all for following my blogs, I will miss our communications, but hopefully you may rejoin me next spring when I’ll probably have finished the book. I will be continuing to write some short posts for my Author blog Talking of Writing

Best Wishes to you All!

See You in the Spring!