BMW F800ST FOR SALE (France)


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I’m selling my lovely BMW F800ST and having a change. I recently started riding my hubby’s Ducati ST2 and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I particularly enjoy the ‘more forward’ seating position; it kind of reminded me of my Blackbird from some years back. So being as I’m now advertising the bike I thought I may as well put it on the blog as well in case anyone knows anyone (in France) who may be interested. Here are the details:

2007 12,500 miles, 20,000 kms.
French registered.
Fantastic condition.
New tyres.
Givi top box.
New tank bag.
BMW pannier rack
*Both standard and sports exhaust with bike*
Lady owner for last 5 years.

2007 20,000 Km.
Français enregistré.
tres belle état.
nouveaux pneus.
Givi top case.
Nouveau sac de réservoir.
BMW supports valises
Poignées chauffantes
*standard et échappement sport avec le moto*
Lady propriétaire pour les 5 dernières années.

And some pics!

Sale pic1





A Blogging Break to Edit My Book


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Sometimes I start to feel a bit bogged down with blogging. I’ve got about eighty blogs on my ‘follow list’ and keeping up with those, plus thanking all you lovely bloggers for your comments does take time. I’ve recently decided that I want to prepare my children’s book, ‘The Mouse & the Microlight’ (currently in blog form) for publishing on Amazon Kindle. The editing and touching up of illustrations will be time-consuming and I know I can’t do this and keep up with my usual daily commitments plus blogging. Something has to go so my blogs are going on hold. I’m not sure when I’ll be back but I’ll see you all again in the not too distant future! In the meantime this is what I’ll be working on. 

Fearless e2Title

Fun with the birds and the Go-Pro


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The Blue Tit

The Blue Tit

It’s that time of year, bitterly cold and damp, and all the little birds are searching for food to keep them alive. Our windowsill is the local bird café. We put out sunflower seeds by the tin full, bread, and duck-fat and this week there’s been frenetic activity. It’s wonderful to watch them as they dip in flight as they fly back and forth between the windowsill and the little oak. My hubby is into Go-Pro cameras, mostly for use on the motorbikes, but this week he decided to try a film of the birds. He’s just discovered a way to put parts of the video into slow motion and make them seem more fluid using a Go-Pro Studio tool called ‘Flux’. It’s a great little video.

Charlie Hebdo Survivors Issue


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I’m just not used to getting up early. Ten years retired and we’ve got used to waking up as it gets light and then having a leisurely cup of tea in bed. But this morning was different. I set the alarm for 07.15, jumped into my jeans, jumped into the car, and was outside the tabac (our local newsagent) while it was still dark at 07.45. We’re only a small village but there was already a long queue of people all waiting for the shutters to go up and the lights to come on; all waiting to buy the Charlie Hebdo survivors issue. The doors eventually opened but unfortunately the supply ran out just before my turn came. Apparently there will be more tomorrow morning which was good news. The downside is that I’ll have to set that damn alarm again.


Charlie Hebdo

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité


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Rouffignac St Cernin

                                                              Rouffignac St Cernin

Today in our small village (as is happening all over France) people came together and showed solidarity for French values, and to remember those murdered at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, and the hostages slain at the Jewish supermarket in Paris this week. Nous sommes Charlie!

Je Suis Charlie!


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In memory of the twelve journalists and cartoonists wantonly slaughtered at the offices of their newspaper ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris on Wednesday morning.

In support of France, the country I live in, and free speech.

The men who carried out this atrocity have apparently said they want to die as martyrs, but they seem to have missed the obvious; the only martyrs made here are the ones they themselves have created – as in the people they’ve murdered and the newspaper they attacked. May they fade rapidly into the dusts of history and be quickly forgotten.

Long Live Charlie Hebdo!

(If anyone would like to use my picture please feel free)


The Motorcycle and the Camera


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The weather has made our track, from the road to the house, so wet and muddy that biking has been off the menu for a few weeks. Hubby has just bought himself a Ducati and is desperate to clock up a few miles, and I really want to get my leathers on and get out there on my bike again, but it’s not worth the risk with a hairpin bend and a very slippery hill. So no biking, but photography isn’t affected by mud, and I thought since I can’t ride then why not have a play and combine camera and bike!

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                                                   This is what we’re avoiding!

Embracing the New


A great post for the coming of a new year! Re-blogged from Mindfulbalance, one of my very favourite blogs.

Originally posted on Mindfulbalance :


“I will stay with it and endure through suffering hardship 

and once the heaving sea has shaken my raft to pieces,

then I will swim.”

Homer, The Odyssey

On my printer I have this quote from Odysseus,  as every morning we awake and we face the same perils as that ancient mariner.  Every day we are cast upon the high seas of the soul. Whether we wish to be or not, we are already there, and have orders to show up. We begin showing up when we ask ourselves where are we blocked by fear, by lack of permission to live our own life, by self-doubt? What do we gain from staying stuck? Where is life served by our staying stuck? Who, or what are we waiting for before beginning our real life? How does staying stuck help anyone around us? Every day we are summoned anew to high…

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