A New Blog


My hubby and I have started a new blog for bikers visiting here in the Dordogne, offering information and a bird’s eye view of the area. It’s been great fun setting it all up with new posts and pages and photographs I found the new theme a bit challenging but got there in the end.

If you’re into biking, or know anyone who is, and if you may be doing some touring in this area then feel free to get in touch. We are not a business and we’re not advertising for anyone, we just love biking and spending time with bike-minded people.

La Roque Gageac
La Roque Gageac

First Post For Ages

Blogging has lapsed completely and other things in life seem to have taken over this last year, mostly a lot more motorcycling, with some lovely friends visiting from the UK, Ireland and Italy, either on bikes or bringing bikes with them. Now all is quiet and the days are colder, damper, and not so biking-friendly, and I find myself returning to the computer.

The last week was devoted to designing, printing, and writing Christmas cards, and in the last couple of days I’ve been snapping pics of the red squirrel (Squiggle) and various birds who come to feed on the windowsill. Today we had an event – a tiny bird that hubby Bob found on the path by the house. It had flown into the window and given itself a shock, and needed warming up. I sat on the balcony warming it in my hands for a long time. It was a new bird to us, tiny, olive-green and pale brown with little pale cheeks, a needle-point beak and a beautiful gold crest on its head. The bird book told us it was a Gold Crested Wren. What a little beauty! I took a quick picture while it was still on the ground. Happily after getting thoroughly warmed and recovered he flew off into the trees.

We’ve also been pleased to see our Crested Tits back, feeding on the sunflower seeds with the usual culprits (blue-tits, great-tits, nuthatches, and blackcaps). Winter may deter us from some things, but it brings other wonderful enjoyments.


P1040730aE P1040757E



BMW F800ST FOR SALE (France)

I’m selling my lovely BMW F800ST and having a change. I recently started riding my hubby’s Ducati ST2 and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I particularly enjoy the ‘more forward’ seating position; it kind of reminded me of my Blackbird from some years back. So being as I’m now advertising the bike I thought I may as well put it on the blog as well in case anyone knows anyone (in France) who may be interested. Here are the details:

2007 12,500 miles, 20,000 kms.
French registered.
Fantastic condition.
New tyres.
Givi top box.
New tank bag.
BMW pannier rack
*Both standard and sports exhaust with bike*
Lady owner for last 5 years.

2007 20,000 Km.
Français enregistré.
tres belle état.
nouveaux pneus.
Givi top case.
Nouveau sac de réservoir.
BMW supports valises
Poignées chauffantes
*standard et échappement sport avec le moto*
Lady propriétaire pour les 5 dernières années.

And some pics!

Sale pic1





A Blogging Break to Edit My Book

Sometimes I start to feel a bit bogged down with blogging. I’ve got about eighty blogs on my ‘follow list’ and keeping up with those, plus thanking all you lovely bloggers for your comments does take time. I’ve recently decided that I want to prepare my children’s book, ‘The Mouse & the Microlight’ (currently in blog form) for publishing on Amazon Kindle. The editing and touching up of illustrations will be time-consuming and I know I can’t do this and keep up with my usual daily commitments plus blogging. Something has to go so my blogs are going on hold. I’m not sure when I’ll be back but I’ll see you all again in the not too distant future! In the meantime this is what I’ll be working on. 

Fearless e2Title

Fun with the birds and the Go-Pro


The Blue Tit
The Blue Tit

It’s that time of year, bitterly cold and damp, and all the little birds are searching for food to keep them alive. Our windowsill is the local bird café. We put out sunflower seeds by the tin full, bread, and duck-fat and this week there’s been frenetic activity. It’s wonderful to watch them as they dip in flight as they fly back and forth between the windowsill and the little oak. My hubby is into Go-Pro cameras, mostly for use on the motorbikes, but this week he decided to try a film of the birds. He’s just discovered a way to put parts of the video into slow motion and make them seem more fluid using a Go-Pro Studio tool called ‘Flux’. It’s a great little video.