Extended Blogging Break – Until the Spring!


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It’s funny how a break from routine makes a person think, often about that very subject – their routines and and day to day life. My recent trip to England was suddenly able to give me a detached view of things, in particular how blogging has gradually overtaken my life and left a lot less room for other things. I have often tended to follow new blogs in a rush of enthusiasm and consequently have more incoming new posts than I can cope with, along with making comments and replying to comments to my regular bloggers. And the fact that I have five blogs to create posts for really doesn’t help!

The thing is I want to write the sequel to my fantasy novel The Sleighriders. I have a skeleton story and about eleven and a half thousand words written already from a couple of years ago and now I’m dying to get stuck in and finish it, but I know I can’t keep up with blogging and concentrate on the book. And so I’m going to take the winter off, starting today, and return to my new novel. I can’t wait to get started!

A huge thank you to you all for following my blogs, I will miss our communications, but hopefully you may rejoin me next spring when I’ll probably have finished the book. I will be continuing to write some short posts for my Author blog Talking of Writing

Best Wishes to you All!

See You in the Spring!


No Deity in the Heavens …


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Words from Mick, a fellow blogger, biker, traveller. In a recent post about the mudslides in Switzerland his words resonated so strongly with me that I had to stop and reread them. They had to go in a post.

No deity in the heavens, it’s the land that nurtures and provides. It’s the land that has wrath.


Mick’s thoughts drifting back to the indigenous Australians and their relationship to the land.