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By day four the back wall panels are off and we start removing panels from the door frame. Thank heavens for power tools! Bob drilled out rivets and I removed bolts.
















 This week the temperature has been up to twenty-eight degrees by about ten o’clock most mornings. Talk about sweat!  About one-thirty we stop and fire up the camp stove  and cook either bacon, sausage, or egg butties – or a combination of the three with mushrooms thrown in. Large mugs of tea to wash it down. ‘The boss’ only allows me half an hour for lunch! The French take two hours. I think I need a union!

By day five we have one side-wall down. Thought it would be easy, but the panels were inset into the ground a good eight inches, and the posts about two feet. Out came the spade and the pick, followed by a lot more sweating.