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Preparing the New Strip

First Cut on New Strip

We have been so lucky to find a new airstrip so close to home. The rent is slightly higher but travelling has been reduced from twenty-four to just one kilometre! It’s over the hill from our house, about eight minutes drive. A great saving will be made on fuel and time. The strip is longer, wider, with far less trees, and it’s on the top of a hill. Better in every way. The old saying ‘a blessing in disguise’ comes to mind when I think back to the moment of panic when we were told we would have to move.

We have been preparing the new strip, mowing it regularly, and have decided upon the best spot for the hangar.

Last Load of Small Stuff

The last wall panels and uprights, that were able to fit on our trailer, have been transported. Now we wait until we can acquire a big enough truck to move the roof sections. Then the construction starts.

New Strip

Rouffignac International

Our new airstrip will be private and unregistered. Most of our friends who will have permission to land will be French or Dutch – hence the name: Rouffignac International!