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I almost forgot! Now that the cake is made it’s not just a case of leaving it in a box until the week before Christmas; at which time I cover it with home-made almond paste. There is another important process … injecting it with brandy, or in our case good French Armagnac. My hubby, Bob, is in charge of this operation. I think he likes to make sure enough goes in! He doctors the cake religiously every five days. At the time of the first application he made a number of holes in the top with a skewer, not too deep, maybe about two-thirds of the way down. Then he loaded the syringe, said to the cake: ‘Keep still! This won’t hurt,’ and shoved the nozzle into each hole in turn. It has now had three doses of brandy and smells absolutely wonderful. At the beginning of the week before Christmas I’ll post the almond past process, and later that week icing and decorating.