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This award is for all of you who are having a wobbly, who are feeling wobbly, who like wobbly things, or who simply fancy a wobbly award on your blog. You are also very much entitled to this award if you are a Piscean person – their symbol being the fish.

I awarded myself this award today (after I created it) because I woke up with the sort of headache that gives me a ‘swimmy’ head – plus I’m a Pisces. I find it hard to write with a headache, it’s a bit like trying to walk through thick, sticky mud with wellies on that are three sizes too big; the thinking function baulks at it. But it doesn’t affect the drawing function and so I grabbed the graphics tablet. I’ve fancied doing a fishy animation for some time, although this isn’t an animation it’s just a picture that’s had the rippling effect added.

Now for the rules of this award: 

1.Don’t send it on to other bloggers – because they can all award it to themselves.

2.Send a kind wobbly fish thought to someone you know who could do with it.

3.Smile whenever you look at your wobbly fish!

4. Download the image if you would like the award for your blog.

Have a wonderful wobbly day!