The last couple of weeks has been a bit like roller-coaster ride. It started with coming across an advert for a motorbike. We’ve been intending to get back into biking as soon as we sell our small motor-home and in the meantime I’ve been sighing softly over photos of the BMW F800st.

After two months there were only a couple of bites at our private advert and so we put the motor-home with a dealer who has guaranteed us an excellent price. He said he thought it would sell quite quickly, and on the day we left it with him I was straight home and checking bike ads again. Lo and behold just an hour’s drive south there was a beauty, and the price was just too good not to check it out. My hubby said we had to go and see it … I didn’t argue! It was in stunningly good condition and there and then we said we’d buy it, (scraped together all available pennies and may be living on beans for a while!). Paperwork completed I rode ‘Gandalf the Graphite Grey’ home.

What joy to be back on a bike, but also I have to say a certain amount of trepidation. I haven’t ridden for almost three years and I needed time to get ‘in tune’ again. My brother, who is eighty-three and also got back into biking in his sixties, thought I was a bit mad and did his best to deter me, but damn it there’s a lot to wring out of life yet and my heart says grab the moment. If you think you can – you can!

My high mood was reversed very suddenly when news came from England to say that my sister was sick and being fast-tracked into hospital. Scans, and tests have followed and we await results. Next week I’ll be flying over to be with her for as long as I’m needed. This means I’ll be away from blogging, and would like to say a temporary cheerio to all of you who visit my blog and leave the loveliest of comments. Equally I probably won’t get to leave comments on the blogs I follow.

So it’s au revoir for now.