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I’ve not put pen to paper, other than to write shopping lists, for over three months. The enforced break happened when my sister in England was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and I flew over from France to be with her for two months. Thankfully she’s doing well. I came home on October 2nd to the delight of my hubby who had found it as difficult with me being away as I had leaving him. Strangely on my return I found it impossible to concentrate on writing or any of my usual hobbies. On top of this I’ve not read or commented on any of the blogs I usually follow. A state of restlessness had come over me, and a great resistance to slipping back into my old routine. It’s taken six weeks to feel grounded again.

Last Saturday we went to a brocante and among the boxes of old china, ancient tools, racks of second-hand clothes, and other bric-a-brac I found a book. I was quite captured by it, and happy to part with five Euros. At home I researched the publisher and some other information and for the first time in three months I felt the inclination to write again. So I’m now working on a new post about the book: The Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott. It appears to have started its life in 1901 in New York, traveled to Crookston, Minnesota, and ended up, most probably, in Le Puy-en-Velay, in the Haute-Loire department here in France. But that is for the next blog post. This was just to say it feels good to be writing again.