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The Ingredients


Borscht is a wonderful hearty colourful soup of eastern European origin. Recipes seem to vary a great deal. I noted down my mother-in-law’s recipe in 1981 when I was still living in Canada. She had brought the recipe with her from Germany. During the war she and her family fled from Russia and lived for a time in Czechoslovakia. Food was scarce at that time, and this soup, made from beef bones and vegetables, was probably cheap but wholesome in those difficult days. I recently made a big pot full! Enjoy!


2 ½ lbs SHORT RIBS

I cook them in a pressure cooker. Brown them first, then add about 4 CUPS BEEF STOCK and cook 35 minutes. Let the cooker cool. Remove ribs and transfer stock to a big pot. Cut up meat and set aside.

While the meat is cooking I prepare the vegetables:

3-4 LARGE CARROTS (grated)

2 BEETROOT (grated)

1 LARGE POTATO (grated)

1 LARGE ONION (grated)

½ A LARGE CABBAGE (thin sliced and then chopped)

1 GREEN PEPPER (chopped)

3 STALKS CELERY (chopped)

PARSLEY (chopped)

30 WHOLE ALLSPICE (I tie them in a muslin bag)

1 x 28 oz CAN TOMATOES (chopped)


With the stock nice and hot add the chopped tomatoes, the bay leaves, and the allspice (tied in a small muslin bag). Then add all the veggies and the meat. Mix well, put the lid on and simmer on low for 1 ½ HOURS.

There are many different recipes for borscht on the internet. I get the feeling that this one evolved and changed due to food availability during the war – and maybe has evolved even more since then. I would certainly add other veggies if I had a few to use up.

Part of the great fun of doing a post like this is photographing the food. It’s not really necessary but I love the colours and textures.

Brown the Bones

Grating Tool

Grating Beetroot

Grating Beetroot 2

Grating Beetroot 3

Onion and potato

Chop Cabbage

Chop Celery

All Veggies

Allspice 30


Rich Beef Stock

Chopped tomatoes

Add Tomatoes to stock

Add all Veg



Served this evening with fresh French Campagne (country) bread!