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Is anyone else getting spam emails from some poxy company called MyPC Backup? I’m getting really sick to death of them. They put a link on the bottom of their emails saying I should click on it to unsubscribe! Why would you need to unsubscribe if you never subscribed in the first place?! Methinks I’m not daft enough to click it. They do get 10 out of 10 for persistence – emails nearly every day. Oh, and they appear to think my name is ‘George’. That really helps!

It’s hard to say why I allow this sort of thing to wind me up. I think it’s because they are just another bunch of money-grabbing ******** and I hate the underhanded way they try to catch people out. Whether their company is authentic or not is irrelevant, they still have no right to send spam emails with such annoying frequency to all and sundry. Of course if they are authentic then they shoot themselves in the foot straight away by using spam tactics. Who would touch them.

Of course I’ve googled the company and found out that they probably are authentic – and obviously desperate for business. One thing I do know is that if I needed a service of their sort they would be the very last on my list.

Rant over! I feel better now!