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The Anniversary Gift

On the fourteenth day of May (tomorrow)
We celebrate our special day
Special both for him and me
It is our anni-ver-sary.

I scoured Google, trying to find
What gift you have for year nine
And there it was upon the list
A present that should not be missed

Pottery is year nine
Isn’t that just so divine!
No, well actually it’s not
I just don’t want another pot.

I don’t want crystal, lace or feathers
Diamonds, jade, or fancy leather,
Don’t want jewels, or wool, or wood
Linen, silk, or tin’s no good

You get some bronze for year eight
But bronze is something I would hate
Six is sugar, very sickly
Down the list I move right quickly

And fur!
NO! I want a silencer!
Carbon-fibre, nice and sporty
Even if I’m over forty (and the rest)

On the bike with visor down
Making noise right through the town
Throaty rumble, mighty roar
Now that’s the gift I’m dying for!