Lost in Space: Create a Space Scene in GIMP


I recently entered a competition put up by GIMP (the free photo-editing software equivalent to Photoshop). I started using and learning GIMP a few years ago, it’s great fun for anyone who wants to be creative with graphics or photography. In this recent competition we had to create a space scene using paints, photos, or a mixture of both. I used some of my aerial photography combined with some biking pics and added stars etc with paint. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Which one do you prefer?

First submission:


(click picture to enlarge)



Second Submission:


The Sunday ride-out went a bit off-course!
The Sunday ride-out went a bit off-course!

(click to enlarge)


Author: Jude

Hello Visitors I'm Jude, and I have a profusion of interests and a passion for motorcycling. I lean towards Buddhism and love silence. I hope you may enjoy some of my musings and meanderings, and if so I'd love to hear your comments.

13 thoughts on “Lost in Space: Create a Space Scene in GIMP”

  1. The Sunday ride-out went a bit off-course! This is the one for me… it looks like they’re really there. I was reading somewhere that you only have to go 20 miles up from the surface of the planet to reach the edge of outer space!


  2. Many thanks for you comment Tiramit, it’ll be interesting to see if either of them get a mention in the competition – it closes on the 21st.


  3. these are both great, but the second is my fave as well. winning isn’t everything – i am sure many peeps enjoyed your entries. thanks for sharing them here🙂


  4. I actually won third prize! Never did get around to posting the fact. I won an e-book on digital painting. Mostly it was just such great fun creating the pics.🙂


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