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The other day when I went out to put some empty bottles into the new bottle bin I noticed something stuck under the handle. On closer inspection I found that it was a preying mantis, and it wasn’t stuck, it was attached to a sac-like construction. I did a quick Google on the life-cycle of the mantis and discovered that Madam mantis was in the process of laying three to four hundred eggs in her home-spun sac. Apparently the sac has a coating which will protect it from the winter weather, and then when the sun comes out next spring we shall be blessed with a few hundred little mantises, otherwise known as nymphs. I found a good little film of this process here on YouTube. 

Something under the handle ...

                                                    Something under the handle …

Madam Mantis lays eggs in her sac.                                             Madam Mantis lays eggs in her sac.

Job done she wanders off.

                                                     Job done she wanders off.

The egg sac waits for the spring.

                                     All sealed up the egg sac waits for the spring.

A much nicer story than the wasp experience in the previous post!

We’re looking forward to hopefully seeing the nymphs hatch in the spring.