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I never was very good at consistent routines and for the last few weeks my blogging and following the blogs of my fellow bloggers has drifted into other things. Summer has meant a lot more trips out on the motorcycles, time in the garden, and time to just sit and think. I’m still not back into blogging mode but hope to be back soon. Many thanks to all for your ‘Likes’ and comments, and apologies for not getting around to viewing your posts for the last while. 


Last Post For a While …

‘Love is in the Air’

Yesterday evening we walked down to our neighbours for an aperitif – as you do in France. At about ten o’clock, after a lovely evening catching up with their news, we set off for home. It had been raining and as soon as we stepped out of the door there on the grass we were greeted by a pair of fire salamanders writhing around in a slippery embrace. They appeared to be mating rather than fighting. They are beautiful little creatures; black with vivid yellow stripes. We have encountered them on at least three or four occasions over the years, always on a rainy night in October, en-route back home from our neighbours. I discovered a while ago that they use a small pond at the side of the track for raising their young. On our way home, being most careful where we stepped, and thankful that we had torches, we met at least twenty salamanders! Love must definitely have been in the air!










Hopefully I’ll be blogging again soon. In the meantime happy autumn!