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In the last couple of days the weather has changed. There’s that unmistakable dampness in the air that hints the beginning of winter. Mist hangs heavy in the mornings and the birds are eagerly breakfasting on the fat balls we’ve hung in the little oak tree, and are back and forth to their tray of sunflower seeds on the kitchen window-ledge. All around in the woods the mushrooms are popping up, sometimes hard to see, camouflaged by autumn leaves. We have learned which ones are edible and most popular here in southern France, and we stick to eating those. This little fellow is definitely not on the menu, but he’s great for a bit of macro photography! The night before I took the photo we had had a storm and a real downpour, which had left him with a wonderful clear, sticky glaze, topped with an autumn leaf. I snapped him wearing the leaf, then removed it which was when I saw how sticky and slippery he was. The first pic was taken with my old camera, and the next two with the new Fuji, maybe that’ accounts for the marked difference in colour. The second two are far closer to the real colour.