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The last week has been either rainy, foggy, drizzly, misty, mizzly, dank, damp, dull, dreary or overcast, sometimes the whole lot! This is unlike the weather for many of my bloggin’ buddies who keep popping up with tauntingly lovely pictures of the white stuff; all wonderful crisp snow scenes. Most unfair! Ah well I suppose it’s winter and what better way to warm oneself up than with Christmas leftovers soup. The chicken (a turkey was too big for two of us) was picked clean and the carcass and bones were boiled down for stock, then any languishing vegetable was duly sought out in the fridge drawer and peeled and chopped. Even a dish of Brussels sprouts got chucked in, and they had been leftover leftovers fried up on Boxing day. A few handfuls of pasta shells for ballast and it’s done and ready for supper, along with a crusty loaf fresh from the boulangerie. Who cares about the weather!