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Blogging has lapsed completely and other things in life seem to have taken over this last year, mostly a lot more motorcycling, with some lovely friends visiting from the UK, Ireland and Italy, either on bikes or bringing bikes with them. Now all is quiet and the days are colder, damper, and not so biking-friendly, and I find myself returning to the computer.

The last week was devoted to designing, printing, and writing Christmas cards, and in the last couple of days I’ve been snapping pics of the red squirrel (Squiggle) and various birds who come to feed on the windowsill. Today we had an event – a tiny bird that hubby Bob found on the path by the house. It had flown into the window and given itself a shock, and needed warming up. I sat on the balcony warming it in my hands for a long time. It was a new bird to us, tiny, olive-green and pale brown with little pale cheeks, a needle-point beak and a beautiful gold crest on its head. The bird book told us it was a Gold Crested Wren. What a little beauty! I took a quick picture while it was still on the ground. Happily after getting thoroughly warmed and recovered he flew off into the trees.

We’ve also been pleased to see our Crested Tits back, feeding on the sunflower seeds with the usual culprits (blue-tits, great-tits, nuthatches, and blackcaps). Winter may deter us from some things, but it brings other wonderful enjoyments.


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