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I can’t believe it but I’ve recently put Gandalf (my lovely 2007 BMW F800ST) up for sale and taken over my hubby’s much older Ducati – now dubbed ‘Dezmo’ because he has a Desmodromic valve control systemI’m not very mechanical but I did find this little video interesting. Last autumn the BMW had a battery problem which took a while to sort out, in the meantime, not wanting to be bikeless, I started riding my hubby’s 1998 Ducati ST2. He had bought his much newer Ducati 848 last summer, loves it to bits and rides it all the time. I took the ST2 out a few times and started to fall in love with it. It’s very hard to describe the difference between it and the BMW because transferring the sensations and feelings into technical words, for me, is nigh-on impossible. The basics are that I feel more at one with Dezmo and he seems to take corners with very little assistance from me – if that’s possible!

He has a more forward, sporty, riding position which feels natural and comfortable, and lastly there’s the sound. The sound is something else. Better than Beethoven. A symphony for the soul. An infectious, throaty, deep-down sexy rumble that permeates every pore – well he is Italian. Is it all too much for a woman of sixty-plus I ask myself? I think not, I think he’ll keep me young!

We have a very small garage – or maybe too many bikes? So I suggested to my hubby that we sell up and buy that place in the distance. I just love the pointy hats on the turrets, and I’m sure there’s got to be an enormous garage! 


château de Marzac, near Tursac, Dordogne