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I’ve been designing a cover for my book which I’m soon going to self-publish on Amazon Kindle. You can read many different opinions about book covers and does and don’ts but in the end I felt I had to go with what I felt suited the content. The book is a 16,000 word, fictional story, about a wood-mouse that by chance starts going flying in a microlight. He’s also a mouse that hasn’t yet chosen a name for himself (as wood mice must do). Born with a somewhat rebellious and unconventional nature he disappoints his family who dub him odd, and different, and eventually reject him. Flying becomes his passion, and in the end brings him back to his family.

If you have a moment I’d really appreciate it if you’d tell me which cover you prefer. The picture is obviously the same on both, it’s the font for the title and signature that I can’t quite decide on. Does anyone think the author name should maybe be in a more conventional font? I’ll really appreciate your opinions!







Third Cover added after comments!