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For the last week I have been creating a new blog to showcase my ebooks and illustrations, and hopefully connect with other authors, illustrators, and photo-editors. I started writing when we retired to France back in 2004, my first book was what I would describe as a true romantic adventure. I hoped that this book would help anyone who was ‘stuck’ and feeling low about their self-image, and inspire them to believe that change is possible; that the door is never shut to a new possibility. And when that possibility comes along don’t be afraid to grasp it and see where it takes you.

My second book was a fantasy novel, with elves, trolls, animals, and an elf girl heroine. I’m currently making some small changes, and creating a new cover, and will then re-publish this book on Amazon Kindle.

Most recently, last week in fact, I published The Mouse and the Microlight on Kindle. Thanks to all those lovely followers who helped me decide on the fonts for the cover!

If you’d like a peek at the new site it’s over here at Jude Thompson Books.

I’d love your opinions on the new blog!