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Hello to all my lovely fellow bloggers, and apologies for not keeping up with your posts recently. I have been on a mission to publish my e-books as paperbacks and so have entered the world of self-publishing, attempting to get my head around words and terms that I’ve never heard of. It’s sometimes hard work trying to learn everything from the internet, and from forums. But I’m not one to give up and my rather aged brain has been put to the test and forced down paths that it’s never been down before. I’m getting there! Slowly! But now I have to have a break and go and visit my much loved brother who has recently had a stroke, so blogging is yet again on hold. In the words of Arnie … I’ll be back!

The photo below is how I imagine my brain to look after days and days of research, as I went around in ever decreasing circles, sometimes lost, sometimes baffled, and sometimes ecstatic when at last I understood a problem. I’m not sure which the ecstatic bit is! ๐Ÿ™‚