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I was looking for a particular photo yesterday and as I trawled through my library of flying pics it was lovely looking back at some of the jaunts we went on. We haven’t flown for quite a while due to the motorcycling having taken over but will hopefully do more soon. These are a few pics I really liked.

I’m always amazed by the patchwork quilt effect from above! France has lots of farmland.

An amazing chateau down below on this trip, apparently with a heli-pad and a huge garage. We wondered if the ‘stable’ housed horses or Ferraris! The lake was very brown from above, I’m not sure why.

My hubby, Bob, points something out to me. He’s probably saying ‘There’s the airstrip’ which I probably couldn’t spot! The GPS is giving us a reading of 4810 feet, so it may have been a bit chilly even though it was July. Having said that I notice Bob is wearing his sandals! I keep warmer because I’m sitting directly behind him.