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The Jesus Bolt

We’ve just been preparing our microlight (maybe called ultralight or ULM where you live) for sale and have renewed a few parts, one of them is the Jesus bolt.

The Jesus bolt is a single steel bolt just thirteen centimetres long and a centimetre thick, that holds the wing of the microlight to the trike which hangs beneath it. One bolt! If the bolt was to break or come out we’d fall to earth like a stone – hence its name!

I suppose what fascinates me is the incredible strength in that one piece of steel. The trike filled with fuel, plus two adults, weighs just about 425kg, but because of the G-forces during flying the bolt is tested to 2 tons!

When my hubby did the recent service and changed a few parts I kept the old Jesus bolt. Memories of many wonderful hours of flying and aerial photography!

Bob takes friend Liane for a flight