The Hummingbird Hawk Moth (for Pete)


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This wonderful little moth hovers for seconds in front of a flower and then zooms off. They aren’t easy to catch on camera. I was lucky on one occasion when they were attracted to a scraggy old yellow daisy which I’m not fond of; it seemed to keep them busy for longer than usual.


I’m hoping that Pete, especially, over at his fabulous wildlife blog, will enjoy them.

Beware the Dust Bunnies! (a short story)

I recently posted this on my author blog and it was really successful and seemed to get a lot of laughs. So I thought I’d re-post it on here!

Talking of writing ...

June 2017


It started suddenly without rhyme or reason. No one knew why. It was like the beginning of life, when the first creatures crawled out of the sea. Only this time they were born from dust.

Every night it grew. The whispering. Every night as Teresa slept. It was so faint that even the the old dog and the ginger cat couldn’t hear the dust bunnies communicating their terrible message under the bed.

‘Grow!’ breathed Fred gently, he was the biggest and hairiest of all. And at his command tiny particles of fluff and dust and hair gravitated towards them. And they grew bigger.


The woman of the house had become obsessed with writing and for too long had ignored the housework. The vacuum cleaner, unemployed for weeks, had allowed the dust-bunnies to congregate. They had received messages on the air. Messages from the grand master hundreds…

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The Jesus Bolt


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The Jesus Bolt

We’ve just been preparing our microlight (maybe called ultralight or ULM where you live) for sale and have renewed a few parts, one of them is the Jesus bolt.

The Jesus bolt is a single steel bolt just thirteen centimetres long and a centimetre thick, that holds the wing of the microlight to the trike which hangs beneath it. One bolt! If the bolt was to break or come out we’d fall to earth like a stone – hence its name!

I suppose what fascinates me is the incredible strength in that one piece of steel. The trike filled with fuel, plus two adults, weighs just about 425kg, but because of the G-forces during flying the bolt is tested to 2 tons!

When my hubby did the recent service and changed a few parts I kept the old Jesus bolt. Memories of many wonderful hours of flying and aerial photography!

Bob takes friend Liane for a flight