Postcard in the Wind


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OK, I agree, I’m going slightly mad. I mean who buys a second-hand scarf and is so taken with it that she takes photos of it and makes a video! The thing was, when I saw it it was hanging on a rack outside a shop with a bunch of others, and I just loved the colours so much. I had no idea that it was designed like a postcard until I got it home, gave it a wash and was hanging it on the line. It was a beautiful day with a light wind and I was fascinated seeing it blow gently back and forth.

I can’t read the message, and only part of the address, and wondered if it’s from an original postcard, maybe written by someone famous? Maybe there’s a wonderful romance behind it? Who knows why this fascination grabbed me – enough to even put it to music. And then it seemed to move in time to the tune!

I’m a Different Person!


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It’s been three months since we went out on the bikes. Getting old, and being retired, means you can choose your biking days, and we’ve kind of joined the league of fair weather bikers. It’s not only cold/wet weather that’s off-putting but the state the track to our house gets into – populated with pot-holes and slick with mud. Not Ducati friendly.

So I’ve been glued to the PC this winter, writing away happily; published another e-book, called The Stowaways, created an Author blog and prepared my first book for publishing in paperback! Exciting stuff. But the sun is out and the bike (Denzo) has been calling, and today the writer became the biker.

There is nothing like it. Fuel-injected Ducati = adrenalin injected Jude! On the bike I transform into something else, something a bit wild!

Dry winding Dordogne roads, hardly any traffic, the growl of the 992 cc’s. Breeze through your helmet, freedom, speed, living every second. I’m sure biking is a form of meditation!

But as you can see I’m now back at my desk, writing a blog post – until Denzo calls from the garage again.