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Yesterday a sparrow-hawk crashed into the kitchen window at the same moment as a cat was prowling beneath it. We ran outside after the huge bang on the window. The cat was streaking across the flowerbed and was further dispatched with various curses. I picked up the hawk who must have had a serious headache, and put him on the grass. He looked pretty poorly and we thought he wasn’t going to make it but after ten minutes he gave himself a shake and flew off into the woods. I had very mixed feelings, knew I’d done the right thing, but at the same time I hate the damn bird who was obviously trying to pick off the blue-tits who feed on the sunflower seeds on the kitchen windowsill. Last spring he took a blue-tit from beside the bird table right in front of me as I sat in the garden, and I swore if I could get a hold of him I’d ring his neck! When it came to it and he was lying there helpless I felt bound to assist him. He’ll probably be back, but a row of twiggy hazel branches have now been inserted in front of the window to mess up his flight path. I know he has to eat too but I’d rather he went to someone else’s garden! Had we not been in yesterday no doubt the cat would have finished him off, plus he then escaped the wrath of the protector of the blue-tits! Definitely a doubly lucky day. I have to say he is a beautiful bird with the most wonderful eyes (I grabbed the camera while he was recuperating).